Our Policies

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U3A in London’s Data and Privacy Policy

  1. Members’ data will only be accessed in order to communicate with them by U3A in London, by the coordinators of the groups of which they are members and by the distributors of “Third Age” to enable the members to receive this publication.
  2. The only persons entitled to access members’ data will be the individuals manning the office and only for the purpose set out in paragraph 1.
  3. Physical Data will be kept in the office, which will be kept locked at all times when it is not occupied by a member approved by the Committee to be on office duty.
  4. Data on U3A in London’s computer base is password protected and the password is only available to those members of the Committee who need it for the purposes specified in paragraph 1.
  5. Data will not be shared with other members or outside U3A in London except for purposes for which the relevant member’s consent has been obtained.
  6. U3A in London requests personal information only for membership applications and renewals and for sending communications about their involvement with the U3A. The forms used to request personal information contain a privacy statement giving information about the use to which the information will be put.
  7. The lawful basis for obtaining member information is because of the contractual relationship that U3A in London has with its members and because the members have consented to the data being held.
  8. Any member may request the deletion of his/her data if it is no longer required for the above purposes.

Members Code of Conduct

As a member of U3A in London I agree to abide by the principles of the U3A movement and this Code of Conduct which enables us to thrive in an atmosphere which is friendly, respectful and supportive.

We share the Old Town Hall with WAC Arts, our landlords, together with a number of other tenants and we need to be good neighbours.


For these reasons I agree:


  1. Not to do anything which could bring U3A in London or the wider U3A movement in disrepute.
  2. To abide by the reasonable rules of WAC Arts for the use of the Old Town Hall by its tenants and occupiers.
  3. That I will report any concern or complaint about the behaviour of any member of U3A (or any other person in the building) to the U3A office so that it can be dealt with by the Executive Committee.

U3A in London Policy for Carers

U3A in London takes the safety and welfare of its membership very seriously. We are also conscious that, as we share the Town Hall with many others, including children and young people, we need to be good neighbours.

 Some of our members need carers in order to gain access to our facilities and we have adopted this policy:-

  1. If a member needs a carer, this should be reported to the office. A meeting will be arranged between a member of the Committee and the member, the carer and a relative or friend of the member to explain this policy.The name and contact details of the carer and the member’s relative/friend will be retained by the office in case of emergency. On renewal of the membership this information must be included on the registration form. 
  1. The carer may accompany the member to the classes without charge. If s/he does not want to stay with the member, s/he must remain close to and within hearing of the member until the coordinator arrives. If the coordinator is happy that the carer does not need to stay with the member, the carer must remain within hearing of the member.  
  1. The carer must be close to and within hearing of the member at the start of each session until the coordinator arrives. The carer must be at the classroom at the time the session is programmed to end. 
  1. The carer must accompany the member at any time the member is in the Town Hall and not in a classroom with a coordinator. 
  1. It is the carer’s responsibility to ensure that the member behaves properly whilst the member is in the Town Hall. 
  1. If a new carer is appointed the contact details of the carer must be given to the office. 
  1. If there is a complaint about the behaviour of the member, the member, the carer and the member’s friend/relative may be asked to meet two members of the Committee to discuss the issue and to agree a course of action. 
  1. The Committee reserves the right to terminate the membership of the Member if a reasonable solution cannot be found to any complaint.

U3A Disciplinary Procedure

In this note the following terms shall have the following meanings:-

  • The Chairman – The Chairman of U3A in London or, if the Chairman has a conflict of  interest over the Issue, the Vice Chairman
  • The Code – The code of conduct of U3A in London
  • The Committee – The Executive Committee of U3A in London
  • The Issue – The matter over which there is a concern that the Code has been broken
  • The Member – The member whom it is suggested may have breached the Code

In carrying out the disciplinary procedure, the Committee will do everything reasonable to keep the Issue confidential and to deal with it as quickly as possible.

  1. If there is a concern that the Code has not been followed by the Member, this should be brought to the notice of the Chairman.
  2. The Chairman will appoint a member of the Committee to meet the Member with the Chairman to try and resolve the Issue amicably and in confidence.
  3. If the Issue cannot be amicably resolved or, if the Chairman considers the Issue so serious that the only appropriate course is to follow a formal disciplinary procedure, the Chairman will appoint a subcommittee which will consist of three members of the Committee who have no conflict of interest over the Issue. 
  4. If the Chairman considers it appropriate, the Member will be suspended from membership of U3A on such conditions as the Committee may determine until the Issue is resolved.
  5. The subcommittee will set the timetable and procedures for its consideration of the Issue including, where appropriate, interviews with relevant members and others.
  6. Either the subcommittee or the Member may require the Issue to be dealt with at a hearing and the Member will be entitled to be accompanied by a friend at any hearing.
  7. The subcommittee will ensure that all hearings are fully minuted and that all minutes and documentation are preserved in an accessible form.
  8. The Member will be invited to make comments to the subcommittee in writing and attend any hearing
  9. If there are witnesses to any incident who are willing to give written representations, the subcommittee will contact them to ask them to give a written statement which will be taken into consideration and a copy of which will be given to the Member.
  10. The subcommittee will consider all relevant factors and any mitigating circumstances and will determine whether any disciplinary action is necessary.
  11. If the subcommittee decides there has been no breach of the Code it will report to  the Committee and the Chairman will advise the Member in writing.
  12. If the subcommittee decides disciplinary action is necessary it will advise the Committee and the Chairman will advise the Member in writing.
  13. The actions available are a verbal warning or a written warning and/or suspension for such period as the Committee shall determine or expulsion from membership of U3A.
  14. The Committee will meet to determine the disciplinary action and will advise the Member in writing of its determination and the procedure for appeal.
  15. The Member will have a right to appeal to the Committee in writing within 28 days of the date on which the Committee notified the Member of its decision
  16. The Member’s appeal must be in writing and the Committee (excluding any members with a conflict of interest) will meet to consider any written representations made by the Member.
  17. The Committee will advise the Member in writing of its decision on the appeal within 28 days of the date of his/her appeal and, subject to paragraph 19, the decision shall be final and binding on the Committee and the Member.
  18. If the Committee’s decision is to expel the Member, the provisions of paragraph 9 (d) of U3A’s Articles of Association will apply.