Join Us or Renew your Membership

New Members

If you would like to become a member of our U3A you can: –

· Email or write to us at Old Town Hall, 213 Haverstock Hill, London NW3 4QP. Please include your postal address and we will send you a registration form.
Click the START button below and print out both pages of the new member registration form and return them both by post, with your cheque.
Telephone – 020 7692 5440 (The office will not be fully staffed until 20th September when we re-open.)

Existing Members: Renewing your Membership

To renew your membership, you can either: –

· Send a cheque to the Town Hall, with your membership number written on the back of it.
· Pay directly by bank transfer. If you don’t have our banking details, please email the office and request them.
· After 20 September, you will be able to renew your membership by coming into the office and paying by cash, card, or cheque.


Now, you can apply for membership and pay online.


Download the new membership registration form.

Membership Fees

Membership Reduced membership – (please provide evidence of income support or equivalent)

Sept 2021-22 – £75 / Sept 2021-22 – £15
Jan-Sept 2022 – £60 / Jan-Sept 2022 – £10
Apr-Sept 2022 – £45 / Apr-Sept 2022 – £5

The membership fee entitles you to take part in all our regular activities until September 2022. Once you have paid the membership fee there are no other charges. You can attend any study group or Monday talk you wish without further payment and take part in our Summer programme. (Some special events such as the Easter Conference incur an extra charge). The only limitation is that some groups may become full, in which case you can put your name on a waiting list.

How do I join?

Select your preferred option from the two links above, online or postal. 

Who can join?

Although U3A is aimed at retired or semi-retired people, there is no upper or lower age limit. Anyone who is not in full-time employment is welcome to join us.

Can I include Gift Aid?

If you pay Income Tax on a sum equal to at least the subscription amount, and you answer YES, we can reclaim the tax on that amount to help keep our subscription rates down, it costs you absolutely nothing and may actually save you money if you pay Higher Rate Income Tax!

What activities do you have?

See our “Classes” page for a detailed list of our classes and activities.