Fun and Relaxed Japanese Classes at U3A in London

Are you retired or have some free time in the day?

Then you’ll be delighted to discover our fun, relaxed selection of Japanese classes based in old Hampstead Town Hall.

We have classes on offer Monday to Friday during term time run by our members

Our U3A offers …

  • A variety of Japanese classes to choose from, depending on your proficiency of the language.
  • Over hundred classes a week in a vast range of subjects
  • Only £75 a year to attend as many classes a week as you wish
  • No qualifications needed to join
  • The chance to study for the pleasure of learning, and teach for the love of teaching
  • Many classes run by experienced ex-teachers or experts in their field
  • An opportunity to make new friends with our 1000+ members
  • Three minutes walk from Belsize Park Tube, nine minutes from Hampstead Heath overground
  • A cafeteria on site
  • Monday Talks by experts
  • Easter Conference and Summer School
  • Re-opening 21st September 2021
  • Covid-19 protocols in place
  • Some classes will still be offered on Zoom

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Some of the Japanese classes we offer…

Japanese: Reading in Japanese

Easy text in basic Kanji will be read in addition to improving other language skills in this friendly class. The class book is Japanese for Busy People II, Revised 3rd Edition by AJALT (ISBN: 978-1-56836-386-8). The lessons covered will be confirmed in the class. Other reading materials may be given to increase your confidence in reading Japanese.

Japanese: Second Year

This friendly class will be an opportunity to consolidate what you have learned and further develop practical Japanese language skills. The class book is Japanese for Busy People I, Revised 3rd Edition Kana version, by starting from Lesson 12. Other books you already have will also be useful. Homework will be given regularly.

Japanese: First Year

In this friendly class you will learn Japanese basic language skills, including reading and writing in Hiragana and Katakana. These characters will be practiced until you can use them easily. The class book is Japanese for Busy People I, Revised 3rd Edition, Kana version, by AJALT (ISBN: 978-1-56836-385-1). Homework will be given regularly.