Fun and Relaxed Bridge & Chess Classes at U3A in London

Are you retired or have some free time in the day?

Then you’ll be delighted to discover our fun, relaxed selection of Bridge & Chess courses based in old Hampstead Town Hall or if you prefer online on Zoom.

We have classes on offer Monday to Friday during term time run by our members

Our U3A offers …

  • A variety of Bridge and Chess classes and games to choose from
  • Over hundred classes a week in a vast range of subjects
  • Only £75 a year to attend as many classes a week as you wish
  • No qualifications needed to join
  • The chance to study for the pleasure of learning, and teach for the love of teaching
  • Many classes run by experienced ex-teachers or experts in their field
  • An opportunity to make new friends with our 1000+ members
  • Three minutes walk from Belsize Park Tube, nine minutes from Hampstead Heath overground
  • A cafeteria on site
  • Monday Talks by experts
  • Easter Conference and Summer School
  • Re-opening 21st September 2021
  • Covid-19 protocols in place
  • Some classes will still be offered on Zoom

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Some of the Bridge & Chess classes we offer…

Learn to play chess and improve

Come and learn Chess online. Friendly advice for learning and improving play is happily provided.

Bridge: Intermediate

Bridge for those with a good understanding of Acol, covering bidding, declarer play and defense. This class is aimed at those with a good understanding of Acol. It will cover systematically the key aspects of bidding, declarer play and defence including more advanced topics useful for duplicate bridge. Notes will be emailed out in advance and there will be quizzes to reinforce what has been learned. The classes may evolve depending on class feedback, and there will be some opportunity to discuss hands or issues raised by class members.

Bridge: Tips on Duplicate

Bridge, discussion on some advanced concepts.

Bridge: Supervised Play

Learn and understand the main aspects of bidding, declarer play and defence.
This class will help in learning and understanding the main aspects of bidding, declarer play and defence. It will include some advanced topics and a variety of resources.

Bridge: Supervised Practice and Play

For those who have some knowledge of Acol – come and enjoy playing with me on “Bridge Base on Line”.

Bridge: Intermediate

Discussion and supervised play for intermediate bridge players.
Generally, we progress from basic to more advanced concepts in two-week ‘units’. A topic is introduced and discussed one week, then in the following week, we look at the bidding and play of some interesting hands, sometimes, but not always, illustrating what has been discussed in the previous week. At the beginning of the year important aspects, notably opening leads, are revised. Subsequently, topics focus on aspects of the game not always covered in beginners’ classes, such as transfers, losing trick count, weak two bids, re-opening doubles, Jacoby 2NT, Michaels cue bids, unusual NT, Roman key-card Blackwood, and others.

Bridge: Supervised Bridge for Intermediate Players

Supervised bridge play and discussion for intermediate players.
Supervised Bridge play and discussion for duplicate Bridge players to encompass both Acol and Standard American systems (separately) for those who are Intermediate players and also for those who would like to improve upon this. Each week, I will distribute hands for everyone to play (with my help if necessary), and then we will go through the hands to see if the bidding and the play achieved the best outcome. Each person will get the same hand to bid and play as everyone else for each deal so that we can evaluate the hand with every participant at the same time.

Bridge: Lower Intermediate

The class is aimed at those with about two or three years’ experience of bridge and a basic understanding of Acol. Notes and prepared hands are emailed in advance. We spend time at the beginning of each lesson on a principle of bidding or play using a PowerPoint presentation. Then we discuss the hands practising these principles.

Bridge: Improvers

For those already playing bridge at a basic level and want to increase their knowledge and enjoyment of the game. Topics covered will include Stayman, transfers, doubles, Michaels, Blackwood, Gerber and unusual 2NT. Lessons include some theory followed by prepared and random hands to reinforce the topics taught.

Bridge: Absolute Beginners

A course for those who have never played bridge before.