Music: The History of European Opera

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In 12 countries over 4 centuries.   This group will examine many features of the History of European Opera featuring 177 operas and 116 composers over 4 centuries (17th – 20th ) and from 12 Countries.  In addition to audio operatic excerpts it will feature for the historical background, the recording of talks covering inter alia, the historical development of opera – opera composer’s careers, successes, failures, personalities, patrons, critics, censors, – real-life: tragedies, wars, revolutions, politics – opera plots and libretti translations of many excerpts.  Members joining this group will periodically receive audio opera excerpts by a series of private links to Vimeo together with the recordings of talks on this subject.  Members are invited to share their comments on and knowledge of the opera excerpts and subjects of the talks by emailing the group leader and with that member’s consent, for sharing with the other members.

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Howard Shelter

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