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Talks and music excerpts from opera and orchestral music accessed by clicking on the link into your browser.   

1) OPERA FILMS & TALKS (weekly). Recorded talks and opera film excerpts with commentary:

2) HISTORY OF EUROPEAN OPERA (fortnightly). Commentary and opera excerpts with translations of History of European Opera featuring 177 operas and 116 composers over 17th–20th centuries and from 12 Countries: 

3) OPERA: RARE SURPRISES  Unfairly neglected operas – not been filmed.  Recorded talks and opera excerpts with commentary and translations.  Click on:     

4) UNSUNG CLASSICAL ORCHESTRAL COMPOSERS (fortnightly). A small number of Western classical composers whose works rival those of Bach, Chopin, Ravel or Dvorak have fallen through the cracks of time.  By recorded talks and orchestral music excerpts, these sessions explore their remarkable orchestral music, accessed by clicking on the link:    

Class Co-ordinators

Howard Shelter

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