History: History of Europe

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Spring and part of Summer Term only.

Eight talks: Germany from the Enlightenment to Hitler: the impact of the French Revolution, war, liberalism and nationalism; from Biedermeier to Bismarck and on to 1933.

Eight More Talks Between France and Germany: ‘Lotharingia’ – a major European region not coinciding with any single modern state, from Bruges and Amsterdam to Geneva and Zurich and much more. This should encompass 15th century Burgundy and its culture; the formation and development of the Dutch Republic from the 1560s; the Spanish/Austrian Netherlands through to Belgium in the 19th century; Switzerland; how England/Britain related to this region from the Reformation to 1914; finally, Alsace-Lorraine, Western Germany and the formation of the EEC.

Class Co-ordinators

Christopher Dean

Frequency & Time

Weekly on Tuesday, 11.40 - 12.45


Room 2.21