U3A in London Update – 8 July 2024

This information was published on: July 08, 2024

Some of Xiaoyan Huang’s Chinese Phonetic Alphabet and Speaking Practice group having fun while learning

The timetables for the week

This update, The full timetable, the Town Hall room timetable and the Zoom timetable are available in the Common Room and on the corridor noticeboard. 

U3A at the Hampstead Summer Festival – From Stephen Barry

‘We will be promoting our U3A with a stall at the Hampstead Summer Festival in Heath Street on Sunday July 7th. If you are visiting the Festival, don’t forget to drop by to say hello.’

U3A free online national talks, workshops & events via Zoom

As part of the Summer Programme this year, Averil Nottage will be leading a walk from Belsize Park exploring  Artists, Refugees and Spies that lived here since the ’30s as fascism spread across Europe. The walk will take about one and a half hours on consecutive Wednesdays from 2pm on the 14th and 21 August, returning to the Town Hall for tea in room 2.21. Pre-booking is essential.

The Monday Morning session

this week is one not to miss! It will be a one-man show given by Neil Titley – who, having toured for many years in the United States and elsewhere as actor and raconteur, will give a show entitled The Oscar Wilde World of Gossip.  


From Martin Andresier: Cryptic Crossword Class

‘We are looking for a replacement/alternating/occasional person to co-ordinate the Cryptic Crossword group on Wednesday afternoons. No experience necessary. Help and support (and the answers) will be given.’

From Dalia Kay: Pilates

on Mondays at 12 –12:45, All classes this term cancelled. Dalia writes: ‘Sadly I am unable to reach till September now.  I am having an operation and I won’t be able to move much for 6 weeks so best to start again fresh September.’ We wish her a speedy recovery.


From Wally Howard: Film Classes

in week commencing Monday 8th July

All take place in Room 1.22 at 2.00pm

Monday 8th July: BLANCANIEVES

Wednesday 10th July: THE ARTIST Thursday 11th July: Jane Fonda in COMING HOME.

From Ken Baldry European History

on Wednesday  July 10th 11.40 – 12.40 in Room 2.21.
The next talk is Talk 145, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with music and 202 slides.
The talk the following week is Talk 146, France to 1783, with 110 slides.
The full programme is on http://www.art-science.com/history-talks.html.

From Stephen Barry: London Miscellany

The last class of the term, on Wednesday July 10th in Room 1.29 at 2.00 pm, will be the second of two illustrated talks on Whitechapel, Past and Present.

From Rachel Tyndall

Walks on Wednesdays No walk this week, i.e. Wednesday 10th July’s walk is cancelled.

From Yvonne Dove: Secular and Mythological Art

in Room 1.33 at 11.40 on Thursday 11 July. ‘This week we will be examining the life and career of the 18th century portrait and landscape painter, Thomas Gainsborough. We will explore his works including Mr and Mrs Andrews, the Blue Boy and the Market Cart.’

To make you smile

A duck walked into a pub and asked for a pint of lager. The barman was amazed at the talking duck. “You should get a job at the circus!”, he suggested. The duck replied, “Why would the circus need a bricklayer?”

Two windmills were standing in a wind farm.  One asked, ‘What’s your favourite kind of music?’ The other replied, ‘I’m a big metal fan.’ (Groan, Ed.) ‘The body is like a car. The older you become, the more you have to take care of it – and you don’t leave a Ferrari out in the sun.’ Joan Collins

Good wishes from Gilli, Richard and Maureen

Gilli Vafidis Monday talks and Zoom Queen