Poetry: Cherita Masterclass

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Masterclass in Short Form Poetry: Flash Fiction in 6 lines with CHERITA: You are all invited to join an online Cherita Masterclass during this temporary lockdown. Please send a maximum of 3 Cherita to Ai Li by email and mark all submissions with U3A in the subject of the email.  You will be guided and mentored by Ai Li every step of the way.

The Cherita is a 6-line, 3 stanza [1-2-3] poetry genre that invokes the storyteller who in all of us. The creator of this 23-year old short form, Ai Li, takes this Masterclass, offering participants opportunities to be published in Paperback and on Kindle as she edits and publishes the first ever international monthly literary journal devoted to Cherita. the Cherita started its 4th year in June 2020. Thirty-eight editions have now been published in paperback and on kindle.

If you are new to the Cherita genre, and you would like to familiarise yourself with our storytelling before writing or submitting Cherita, you may find a number of my published Cherita scattered through our website I decided to showcase these examples to inspire you to find your very own unique Cherita voice.

Class Co-ordinators

Ai Li

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