U3A in London Update – 6 September 2021

This information was published on: September 06, 2021

A view of the garden of Tom and Mei-ling Harris

The Summer Programme and the ongoing timetable

The Summer programme and the ongoing timetable are running side by side. The Summer programme is updated every week and the timetable remains largely unchanged – but keep an eye on it! 

Recordings are made of all the talks in our Summer programme – if you miss one of them and want to catch up, you can contact the coordinator or Gilli to get the link.

From Naomi

Just 14 days to go before ‘Coming Home Day’ and it’s becoming like a launch countdown for me!

To answer some of your queries, here’s a check list. First, we must minimise the risk of our members’ contracting Covid and so, when you return to the Town Hall, please bring with you both your proof of double vaccination and your access card. Without both, you will not be let in. If you joined after March 2020 and do not have an access card, please ask Reception for your card as we have arranged with them to have one ready for you. (If you have lost your access card, you can buy a replacement from us at reception for £5.00. Please have the correct money as we may not be able to give change in reception.)

Proof of vaccination could be the cards you were given at the time of vaccination or an NHS Covid Pass Letter. You can obtain one of these by downloading the NHS app onto your phone or apply for one online. It takes less than 2 minutes to fill in the application, which asks for your NHS number, date of birth and postcode. It takes about 5 working days to receive the pass. So, if you want it, apply now.

Please be patient with the WAC Arts staff; many of them are recent recruits who are still training for their roles. Their receptionist will upgrade your card and affix a photo to it. They may have an existing photo of you but will take one on the spot if you prefer. The whole process does take some time, so to avoid queuing on the day of your first class, we will be in reception at the Town Hall for this purpose during the week before we re-open, starting Monday 13th September from 10.00 am to 3.30 pm Monday to Thursday and 10:00 am to 12.30 pm on Friday. Once you have been handed back your card and a distinctive lanyard, you may access the building and go to your classes. Always wear your lanyard within the building and wear a face mask in the public parts of the Town Hall. As you go through the building, you may ignore markings on the floor relating to the one-way system; they no longer apply.

If you are disabled and come by car, please note that the spaces for disabled drivers won’t be available until 2nd October. Until then there are a few spaces for those with disabled parking badges in the rear car park and a few disabled bays in Haverstock Hill. You can also park on a residents’ bay in one of the side roads if you have a disabled badge.

At the beginning of term, when you enter the classroom, your co-ordinator will pass a register round. Please fill in your details clearly so that we can contact you if necessary. Places are usually allocated on a “first come, first served” basis and this usually presents no problem. However, a few courses have a limit on the number of people and are identified in the Handbook which was sent to you recently. As there are now some last-minute changes to the Handbook, we will send a more up-to date version soon. If you wish to join a Zoom class, either click on the link or email the co-ordinator to ask for the link to be sent to you. These contact details will be provided nearer the time.

Joanna and her staff should be waiting to welcome you back to the café on Monday 20 September.

Looking forward to meeting many of you very soon.

From Amalia

Every year in the past as soon as I have had the Handbook and timetable printed, entries were changed so that it immediately became out of date. This year is no exception. If you have optimistically printed them already, please add the alterations below. (If you pick up a printed copy from the Office, I’m afraid it won’t contain the alterations until a new one is printed).

  1. There is another French class – French: Post Beginners on Wednesday at 11.00 (Zoom – no room allotted). Judith Steinberg says, “This class is for those who have done a year’s French. It builds on French for Beginners”.
  2. Hebrew: Near beginners Wednesday 10.15 – 11.15 (Room 1.33). (Zoom) This class will start at 10.15, not 10.30 as previously stated. Please add: ‘N.B. This class begins late, on 26 October’.
  3. Hebrew: Intermediate Tuesday 10.30 – 11.30 (Room 2.26). (Zoom). Please add: ‘N.B. This class begins late, on 27 October’.
  4. Yoga: Beginners/Intermediate on Thursday and on Friday (Room 2.21) Carole Ingram. Please add in each case ‘N.B. This class may be postponed’.

I would also remind you all that the Theatre Discussion group which meets on Mondays, monthly, in Room 1.22 at 11.40 has no coordinator unless someone volunteers to step forward.

From Jo Rapkin (our Cafeteria Queen)

I am really looking forward to seeing you again back at the Town Hall.

I wonder if anyone can help with parking my car which has begun to be a difficulty for me. If any U3A members who live locally, have and would be willing to rent out a parking space within a short walking distance from the Town Hall, it would be a great help.

From Gerta (our Quiz Queen)

Gerta says, “This is my swansong. With about 2,850 questions, I wonder how many of us would know 100% of the answers if we started again at the beginning? I doubt if I would! With regard to Amalia’s laudatory (but unauthorised) piece about me last week, I want to put the record straight. Although I made up some of the questions, the majority were not my ‘invention’.
I wish everyone well”.
Gerta we wish you well!

Afternoon Theatre

We’re in for a treat this week. The Drama Group presents Afternoon Theatre on Monday, 6 September at 14.00.

Sad News

I’m sorry to let you know that Thérèse Jones has died peacefully after a long illness. Her funeral will be at St Albans Roman Catholic Church in Nether Street, Finchley, on Thursday 9th September at 3.00 pm.

Thérèse was a popular Bridge coordinator and had been a member of our U3A for many years.   We will miss her.

More Masterpieces from the Thursday Art Class

From Rosa, Jelena and Sheila.

New Year Greetings


Best Wishes from the Team