U3A in London Update – 6 February 2023

This information was published on: February 06, 2023

Copies of the full timetable, the Town Hall room timetable and the Zoom timetable are available in the Office and on our website.

Monday Morning Talks

These are available in Room 2.21 and on Zoom.
This week we are very pleased to welcome Sue Brown. She will be talking about Julia Wedgwood; a female intellectual in the Victorian age.

Editing and sending out the Update – from Alan Milward again

A reminder: I have taken on some of Amalia’s workload in helping to produce the weekly ‘Update’. Thank you for your cooperation by sending entries to me directly. Unfortunately, I am not receiving all entries directly, which makes the process unwieldy and could result in items not being included. In future, please ensure that you let me know by emailing me if you would like to tell other members anything about your class, or to contribute in any way, and I will add it to the Update.  

Please remember to copy in any changes to Gilli and to Amalia. Thank you.

From Wally Howard

Week commencing Monday February 6th.  As usual, all films are in Room 1.22

Three films from Jean Renoir

Monday February 6th at 2pm

Renoir’s brilliant comedy and study of the corruption and decay within French society on the eve of World War Two.


Wednesday February 8th at 2pm

One of the most acclaimed films of all time and a profoundly anti war statement it remains as vibrant and exciting and wise as when it was first released in1937. An impassioned call for the unity of mankind LA GRANDE ILLUSION

Thursday February 9th at 2pm LA BETE HUMAINE  From the classic novel by Emile Zola with Jean Gabin and Simone Simon


Nomination Forms for members of the Executive Committee are available in the Office, a copy of which is attached to this Update. If you would like to serve on the Executive Committee, please ensure that the Nomination Form is returned to me in the office by 12 noon on Tuesday 14 February 2023. I look forward to receiving nominations.

Be aware that serving on the Executive Committee requires more than just attending meetings. It requires members to take active responsibility for some areas in the running and development of U3A in London.
Best wishes, Hazelanne Lewis, Company Secretary.

(Company Registration No. 01752272; Charity Registration No. 288434). Registered office: Old Town Hall, 213 Haverstock Hill, London NW3 4QP

Would you like to be a Coordinator

Peggy Wylie and I have begun to plan the handbook for 2023-4 and we would love to include some new classes.  Would you like to join the happy throng of coordinators?  You don’t need to be an expert, just have a special interest you would like to share with other members. (Our slogan, taken from the G&S opera ‘Princess Ida’ is “… and all the knowledge we possess we mutually impart”).

If you fancy having a go, please contact Peggy

From Barbara Alden – a repeat

See the attachment for details of a Literary Hour from Hampstead Players

Fellow U3A members Moragh Gee and Simon Malpas will be two of my readers and we’d love to see any interested U3A members in the audience. It’s free – including a free cup of tea afterwards, although donations towards building maintenance costs would be very welcome!  The church is barely 5 minutes walk from Hampstead Underground station and is extremely well heated these days from solar panels, so do come if you’re free.

From the Office to careless members!

Yet again someone unplugged the fridge in the Common Room and left the urn on overnight. There is now a label on the fridge plug rather than above it.

Please act responsibly and refrain from doing this again.


From David McGowan


Could you give 30 minutes of your time between 2-4 on Tuesday afternoons in room 1.29 to model for us?

Fully clothed of course (this is U3A)!

Please phone David on 0207 485 0218 or contact the Office.  Thank you very much

From Ruth Brook Exploring Experiences of the Third Age

There are two  vacancies in the group.  The aim is to help each other with the worries, anxieties, fears, etc. o f this stage of life in a non-judgmental environment.  Confidentiality has to be observed.   Enjoy the luxury of talking about the sort of things you don`t normally talk about.   Come to room 2.26 at 2.30 next Wednesday to see whether what is on offer is right for you.

From Judy Dodds

The Improver’s Bridge Class at 11.40 on Tuesday is full .

Dalia Kay’s Pilates Class on Mondays

This will resume on 6th February.

From Ken Baldry

European History Wed 11.40 – 12.40.   Talk 92 is about Lucas Cranach the painters, mostly about the Elder & some Younger with 157 slides & contemporary music.  The full programme is on http://www.art-science.com/history-talks.html

From Lorna Kerr

Special Taiji session by arrangement only.  In room 2.21 there will be an extra 30 minutes on Tuesdays (on a temporary basis) from 13.30 for a quick pre-class exercise before the Taiji actual class begins at 2pm.  This session is for new members who have expressed an interest in revising the basics in some detail.

From Stephen Barry

My illustrated talk at this week’s London Miscellany class (for the time being, still in Room.26) will be about Merton in south London. I’ll cover its once important Priory, the site where William Morris and Liberty of London produced silks and fabrics, and the former Merton Park film studios, home of the ‘B’ movie.

Graziella Freedman’s Italian classes

Some of Graziella’s Wednesday classes are continuing to meet while she recovers from her fall.  Members will be given details by email.

From Susan van Noorden– to make you smile!

More notes for the milkman: Sorry about yesterday’s note, I didn’t mean one egg and a dozen pints, but the other way round.                                                             My back door is open. Please put milk in ‘fridge, get money out of cup in drawer and leave change on kitchen table in pence, because we want to play bingo tonight.
When you leave my milk please knock on my bedroom window and wake me because I want you to give me a hand to turn the mattress.
My TV’s broken down and I missed last night’s Coronation Street. If you saw it, will you tell me what happened over a cup of tea?
My daughter says she wants a milkshake. Do you do it before you deliver or do I have to shake the bottle?
Please send me a form for cheap milk for I have a baby two months old and did not know about it until a neighbour told me.
Please send me details about cheap milk as I am stagnant. Milk is needed for the baby. Father is unable to supply it.
From now on please leave two pints every other day and one pint on the days in between except Wednesdays and Saturdays when I don’t want any milk.                                              

Please leave no milk today. When I say today, I mean tomorrow, for I wrote this note yesterday.

Best wishes from the team

Gilli Vafidis Monday talks and Zoom Queen
And Richard.