U3A in London Update – 25 September 2023

This information was published on: September 25, 2023

The timetables for the week

Copies are available in the Office and on this website.

The new academic year

We expected the Office to be busy in our first week, but it turned out to be – frantic!  We are delighted to welcome a record number of new members and membership renewals, but our trusty Office helpers wish to apologise if you had to wait in a long queue or if your phone calls were unanswered.

We would like to thank most sincerely our Office Staff, in particular Gerta Regensburger, the Office Manager, and Gail Levy. Their devotion is often unrecognised and taken for granted because everything works so well, but it is due to the hours of work they spend – and last week they were stretched to the limit. Thank you so much for looking after us so well!

Monday Morning Talk

We are delighted to welcome the author, Antony Barlow who will be presenting a talk entitled, ‘An Exacting Mistress: The Friends Ambulance Unit in WW2’.

Membership renewals

A reminder that membership payments are now due. The fee is £45 (or £10 if you are on benefit.  As mentioned before, if you can pay direct to our bank that is easy and helpful. The details available in the Office.  Otherwise you may pay in person by card in the Office or by cheque.  Thank you.

From Richard Arthur

Our Executive Committee urgently needs a Minutes Secretary. The committee usually meets twice a term.  Ideally it would suit someone who has been a company secretary or committee clerk. 
Even if you do not have these qualifications but are interested, please email the Office.

Your contributions to the weekly update

Thank you for sending whatever you would like to appear in the Update  to Alan each week. In order to compile the Update and meet our deadline for mailing, it is very helpful to receive copy no later than midday on Thursday please.

From Naomi Stuart, Fire Warden

Are you awareof the important talk on Fire Evacuation Procedures on Wednesday 4 October at 11.00?  The talk is very important – your lives may depend on it!

It will be followed by a tour of the building to show escape routes. It is for coordinators but open to anyone who is interested.  If you can attend, please let me know by emailing me.

From Mary Rossiter and Maureen Tilford

We invite you to join a group tour for “Cut and Paste” at 12.00 on 6th October at the Francis Crick Institute, King’s Cross

It is free, including complimentary coffee/tea beforehand.  It’s about the work of the Crick Institute then specifically about DNA

Please let Mary know if you are interested.

A new smartphone class

Rob Heaton is offering a new smartphone class – starting date to be announced soon.

Details: Personal computers and ‘smart phones’ are not difficult to master and can be very helpful in many ways. This is a trial class to find out how you would like to use these devices and to help you make the technology work for you. The class will be on Tuesdays at 10.30 in room 1.26. 

There still is a need for at least one newiPhone and iPad class and also another smartphone class


From Wally Howard

Film classes week commencing Monday 25th September 2023 in Room 22
NB No film class on Monday September 25th

Wednesday September 27th at 2pm
From France One of the most highly acclaimed films of 2020 
Directed by Celine Sciamma 
A powerfully original story of love and art

Thursday September 28th at 2 pm
An Uberto Pasolini Film
Starring James Norton and Daniel Lamont
James Norton gives the performance of his life in this expressive, sensitive and incredibly touching film.

From Ken Baldry

European History on Wednesday (11.40 12.40 in room 2.21). Next week’s Talk 112: Venice and Turks. The protracted war over Crete, other contributors & knock-on effects with 89 slides. The following week is Talk 113: England – The Commonwealth and Restoration. The full programme is on http://www.art-science.com/history-talks.html

From Stanley Volk

“Singing for Pleasure” welcomes new members to our friendly singing group. We sing music from Musicals, Gospels, Classical, plus American and British songbooks. No previous experience necessary, come and enjoy the fun. 

From Yvonne Dove

Secular and mythological art: Room 2.26 at 11.50 This week we moving to Renaissance Padua and Mantua to examine the work of the Bellini’s brother-in-law, Andrea Mantegna. This will include the frescos of Camera Degli Sposi and paintings of The Triumphs of Caesar, Parnassus and Minerva driving the Vices out of the Garden of Virtue. 

This may trouble non- Spanish speakers: From Marga-Burgui Artajo

CUENTOS EN LENGUA ESPAÑOLA (los miércoles, clase quincenal). Leeremos cuentos de escritores españoles y latinoamericanos, algunos de los cuales son poco conocidos en el mundo anglosajón. Los cuentos son muy variados en tema, lenguaje y estilo narrativo. Habrá una breve introducción del autor y de su obra en clase. Y, tras la lectura de cada cuento, discutiremos su contexto  sociocultural e histórico, prestando especial atención al tipo de lengua utilizada (sintaxis, vocabulario, expresiones). Empezaremos con tres cuentos del escritor gallego Manuel Rivas, del que quizás conozcáis la novela corta EL LÁPIZ DEL CARPINTERO. Los tres cuentos que vamos a leer son tomados del libro ¿QUÉ ME QUIERES AMOR? y son: – La lengua de las mariposas – El inmenso camposanto de La Habana – Un saxo en la niebla.

From Barbara Alden

Unfortunately I have had to postpone the start of my Qu Gong and Voice Matters classes at short notice. 

From Pauline Malpas

The Intermediate French class at 12:50 will recommence on 25th September on zoom.

From Peggy Wylie

With regard to my class Spanish Beginners Plus, I will not be recommencing until Thursday, 5 October. 

From Ann Ross Muir

Intermediate Italian class at 11.40 will recommence on Wednesday 27th September.

From Stephen McGhee

My first class starts on wed 28th September and the next will be a week later on 4th October. After that fortnightly.

From Alan Morton

Science: Energy and Climate Change. No session on September 26th

From David Powell:

Italian reading group (Wednesdays, 13:15-14:15; Room 1.26 and Zoom) This term we have decided to read Cognetti, Le otto montagne – you may have seen the film. All being well, we shall follow that next term with Giordano, La solitudine dei numeri primi, and after that Tabucchi, Sostiene Pereira. If you are interested, please get in touch with me.

Monday Duplicate Bridge

This class is now closed since last Monday we reached the maximum number the room can accommodate.

From Ada Sofaer

My Italian class: Reading and conversation has moved from Zoom at 11.30 on Tuesdays back to the Town Hall in Room 2.26 on Wednesdays.  It was listed in Changed Classes last  week, but did anyone read it?  I am delighted to be back in the Town Hall and hope you will join me.

Best wishes from the team. 

Gilli Vafidis Monday talks and Zoom Queen