U3A in London Update – 23 August 2021

This information was published on: August 23, 2021

Steve Stephens sent this picture of his garden

The Summer Programme and the ongoing timetable

The Summer programme and the ongoing timetable are running side by side. The Summer programme is updated every week and the timetable remains largely unchanged – but keep an eye on it! They are on our website www.u3alondon.org.uk

Recordings are made of all the talks in our Summer programme – if you miss one of them and want to catch up, you can contact the coordinator or Gilli to get the link.

From Naomi

The latest news on coronavirus is disappointing, with an increase in cases. However, we are still determined to re-open the Town Hall on Monday 20 September, unless the situation greatly deteriorates, and the government tightens restrictions again. We hope to welcome many of you back and are acting to make our area as safe as possible, but each of us must make a personal decision about the risk involved. Let’s pray that the outlook changes for the better in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, a team at the Town Hall are happily dealing with your cheques and Anthony, our treasurer, has been handling the bank payments. Apart from the obvious delight of receiving so many so quickly, what I’ve appreciated is the time many of you have taken to write personal notes of thanks as well. It truly warms my heart and that of other committee members to know how we’ve been able to help keep up your spirits during these depressing times.

Please keep sending your renewals of membership. Stay positive.

Looking forward to meeting many of you soon.

From Amalia

Good news!
I have been in touch with all our coordinators over the past few weeks and together we have prepared a Handbook and a timetable for our return to the Town Hall on 20 September. You will be pleased to recognise a lot of your old favourites.  The details are still undergoing last minute changes but the latest version should be sent to all of you next week.   We are also still experimenting with methods of linking our Town Hall classes with those of you who would like a Zoom alternative and we hope everything will run smoothly without too many teething problems.

Real Bridge

There are Real Bridge taster sessions available for anyone who would like to “have a go” – and there will be one on Sunday 22 August at 6:00pm.  These taster sessions are all free.   If you would like to join for 8 deals and if you get this Update in time, you can sign up by 3.00pm.  Here is the link: https://realbridge.online/try-realbridge.html

Real Bridge have regular taster sessions for players and if you would like to try one in future, please let Alan Unerman know, as new dates are added all the time.

Class masterpieces sent by Maureen Betts

From June, Manny and Heather

And yet more masterpieces from Steve’s Wednesday Art class

From MeiLing, Judith and Manuel

To make you smile

A man climbs to the top of Mount Sinai and God appears before his very eyes. He asks God “how does a million years seem to You?” God says “only one minute”. So the man asks “what does a million pounds mean to You?” God says “only a penny”. So the man says “can I have a penny, please?” God says “Of course, in a minute”.


Best Wishes from the Team