U3A in London Update – 2 October 2023

This information was published on: October 02, 2023

The timetables for the week

Copies of the timetables are available in the Office and on our website.

Monday Morning Talk

We are delighted to welcome John Keane, who will be presenting; ‘Life as a TV and Film Composer’.

Note: If the possible tube strikes on 4th and 6th October take place, many classes will be affected.  We cannot know which they will be, so please check with your coordinator to find out. 

Membership renewals

A reminder that membership payments are now due. The fee is £45 (or £10 if you are on benefit. As mentioned before, if you can pay direct to our bank that is easy and helpful. Otherwise you may pay in person by card in the Office or by cheque. Thank you.

From Richard Arthur

Our Executive Committee urgently needs a Minutes Secretary. The committee usually meets twice a term. Ideally it would suit someone who has been a company secretary or committee clerk. Even if you do not have these qualifications but are interested, please email the Office.

Your contributions to the weekly update

Thank you for sending whatever you would like to appear in the Update to Alan each week. However, some contributors are forgetting to do so, which could mean that their item will not be included. To compile the Update and meet our deadline for mailing, it is very helpful to receive copy no later than midday on Thursday please.

Help wanted with social media

Stephen Barry, who handles our publicity, would like to hear from anyone who is familiar with the workings of social media, particularly the sites read by potential members. If you would like to help our u3a gain coverage on social media, please contact Stephen.

Fire Warden

The meeting on Fire Safety has been postponed until the following Wednesday, 11th October because of the intended tube strike next week. We will meet in the Atrium at about 10.50 and we will be taken to Studio 3. It will be followed by a tour of the building to show escape routes. The talk is very important – your lives may depend on it!

From Mary Rossiter and Maureen Tilford

We invite you to join a group tour for “Cut and Paste” at 12.00 on 6th October at the Francis Crick Institute, King’s Cross, It is free, including complimentary coffee/tea beforehand. It’s about the work of the Crick Institute then specifically about DNA.

From Nigel Hathway

London Visits – There are still a few vacancies on some of the visits this term. If you are interested in going on any of them please contact me.


A New Class

A new smartphone and computer class is starting on Tuesday 3rd October at 10.30 in Room 1.26. 

Details: Personal computers and ‘smart phones’ are not difficult to master and can be very helpful in many ways. This is a trial class to find out how you would like to use these devices and to help you make the technology work for you. The class will mainly focus on Samsung Android Phones and Microsoft Windows.

From Wally Howard

Film classes week commencing Monday 2nd October 2023 in Room 1.22
Monday October 2nd at 2 pm
Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke in the incredible story of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan.   
Oscar Winner: THE MIRACLE WORKER Directed By Arthur Penn.

Wednesday October 4th at 2 pm
BROKER  from renowned  Korean Director Hirokazu Kore-eda and starring Best Actor Winner Song Kang-ho

Thursday October  5th at 2 pm
A Francois Truffaut film, based on a true story.
THE WILD CHILD Starring Francois Truffaut and Jean-Pierre Cargol

From Ken Baldry

European History on Wednesday (11.40 12.40 in room 2.21). Next week’s is Talk 113: England – The Commonwealth and Restoration. The following week is Talk 114. The Spanish Artists El Greco & Velasquez – El Greco was Greek but worked mainly in Spain.  The full programme is on http://www.art-science.com/history-talks.html

From Stephen Barry

The next illustrated talk in my fortnightly London Miscellany series, on Thursday October 5, will be on Italian Immigration to London. We now meet in Room 1.22 starting at 11.40 am.

From Maureen Guirdham

The Write Your Life Story group that meets on Tuesdays at 10.30am has three vacancies and would welcome new members. This term we will meet mostly on Zoom – you just click on a link that our co-ordinator Maureen will send you – with two meetings in the Town Hall during the term.

From Rita Burr

Dancing! We would love some more people to join our Tuesday morning English Country Dancing class. We have great fun as well as dancing! It is an intermediate class but come and give it a go. Tuesdays at 10.30, room 2.21.

From Yvonne Dove

Secular and mythological art: Room 2.26 at 11.50. This week we are moving to Renaissance Germany to examine the work of Albrecht Dürer including his self-portraits, the Hare and Rhinoceros. We will also look at the work of Lucas Cranach the Elder during the Reformation, including Lovers, Venus complaining to Cupid and Hunting near Hartenfels Castle.

From Peggy Wylie

My class Spanish Beginners Plus, will be starting on Thursday, 5 October.

From Barbara Alden

Voice Matters: Having discussed with class members, we’ve agreed to revert to Zoom sessions, starting next week, Tuesday Oct 3rd at 5pm

From David Powell

Italian Reading Group: Just to confirm that next week (Wednesday, 04 October) the class will be Zoom only, if there is a tube strike. I use two different tube lines to get to Belsize Park, and there is no easy work-around.

From Stephen McGhee

The next music class will be on 4th October. After that fortnightly.

From the Design History Group

We visited Cosmic House, the former home of the late Charles Jencks, the architect and critic last August.  Such is the demand for a visit to his house that we have been waiting to go for over two years!  Picture below:

Also from Valerie Wilson Trower

Here is the picture wall for the Common Room. I have a spare black frame (A2 size) for an image that would sit with the orange/green or neutral colour palette.  Please get in touch if you have a print/photograph that you would like to see added to the wall. 

Thank you so much, Valerie and friends for making our Common Room such a pleasant place for relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

Best wishes from the team. 

Gilli Vafidis Monday talks and Zoom Queen