U3A in London Update – 19 April 2021

This information was published on: April 19, 2021

Weekly Online Timetable

The timetable and description of classes is available for you to view, to see it click here.

The Summer term has begun and with it the Monday Talks

This term’s Monday Talks open with ‘King and Collector: Henry VIII and the Art of Kingship’. Siobhan Clarke is a guide lecturer to the Historic Royal Palaces, and is a historian and author. Her book with the same title was published on April 15th.

Next week Gary Jones regales us with stories from the Casualty Department. ‘It’s Not All Blood and Guts: My Amazing Life as an A&E Nurse’ will take us through Gary’s personal story from hospital cadet to Chair of the Royal College of Nursing Accident & Emergency Nursing Association and Chief Nursing Officer at the Department of Health. Gary has been one of the key developers of emergency nursing within the UK and has advised at national and international level on many aspects of emergency care including paramedic training, expert nursing practice and emergency care in the community.

Other timetable news:

Michael Schraer: We are delighted to welcome Michael back to U3A to give a series of 6 lectures on Tuesday afternoons at 4pm entitled “Christians, Muslims and Jews in Medieval Spain: Cooperation and Conflict”.

Michael Goodman Cercle francais changes its time from 14.00 to 11.40 on Tuesdays from the beginning of term on 20 April.

From Naomi

Welcome to the start of our Summer Term.  Hopefully, it will be the last one that is virtual only.  However, it is still uncertain as the advice on social distancing is not expected before the end of June.

Already, I must announce a change in our arrangements. Our A.G.M. will be held this year virtually on Monday 28 June at Noon.  The change of date is to stay within the emergency legislation, which expires on June 30. Once again, we are unable to follow our standard procedures as if we were at the Town Hall and using the office there as our base for organising this event.  At the appropriate times, we will ensure that you have all the relevant information needed.

Usually, at this time, we would have placed nomination forms in a box in the office for those of you wishing to stand for election to collect.  Instead, we will be inviting you to email for a form, if you wish to nominate someone, including yourself, as of today.  Remember, you need the nominee’s permission.  Please email Ursula Clements to request a copy of the nomination form. 

We truly are looking for members to join the Executive Committee, where they would become a trustee of our U3A.  Contrary to some members’ beliefs, we are not a closed shop.  We have a wonderful, hard-working committee but no one can be expected to carry on indefinitely.  It is vital to refresh any committee, to allow new ideas to come forward and be acted upon, if the necessary continuity for the well-being of the group is to flourish.

Who are we looking for?  You or someone who is passionate about our U3A and is willing to be both a team player and a specialist in a particular area.  Each person is responsible for an individual task, as well as combining with others to serve our members.  They would need to attend a committee meeting twice a term. 

Please take this request seriously, if you know a member, including yourself, who would be an asset in helping our U3A in this way.  If you want more information or would like to discuss this with me. please email the Office.

Best wishes

Welcom back Gerta

She hopes you haven’t been suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

For the Fans of Wally Howard

The links to Wally’s talks this week:

Miscarriages of Justice False Witness part 2
Miscarriages of Justice False witness. The Conclusion
Reflections Part 39
More Reflections

From Martin Green

Some more Underground stations which members might like to puzzle over and name.

From Malcolm Stern

As you know, the Summer term begins on Monday. However we are holding our first class on the following Monday – the 26th – and fortnightly thereafter.  In this way we can avoid clashing with two bank holidays. On that basis our schedule for the term will be:  26 April, 10 May, 24 May, 7 June, 21 June, 5 July.

At our first meeting we’ll be reading Alan Bennett’s pantomime-like romp “Habeas Corpus”. Great parts for one and all! 

You can find the text on www.z-lib.org.

I look forward to seeing you all again.
Malcolm Stern

A reminder from Margaret Mitchell

Short Walks Group: Throughout our long absence from Hampstead I have been continuing with the walks except in lockdown periods and in fact have just re-started them, as we come into the category of ‘organised physical activity’, like the Ramblers Association, who have also just re-started their walks.

In normal circumstances, my short walks are led fortnightly to almost anywhere in Greater London, and occasionally beyond, usually on Wednesdays, though this may change if the weather prospects are bad. When possible we visit places of interest we may pass en route where there is free entry, and we always have a coffee stop (even if only a takeaway)and some people stay for lunch at the end – though we may not find anywhere suitable for a week or two.

To lift your spirits

At the top is a picture of Canada geese with their babies taken by Steve Stephens while walking by Hampstead Heath pond. Below is a picture of a Camellia bush from Christine Bye and some more goslings –Egyptian Geese this time – taken by Jenny Willmot in Hyde Park. Spring is here!

From Maureen Betts and the Thursday Art class

Their latest masterpieces:
(Paintings from Avril, June and Sheila)

From U3A National

There are some events coming up that may be of interest to you. To see them look at the U3A National website.

To make you smile

Our Father who art in Hendon
Harrow be thy name
Thy Kingston come
Thy Wimbledon be done
In Erith as it is in Hendon
Give us our daily Leatherhead
And forgive us our bypasses
As we forgive those who bypass against us.
Lead us not into Thames Ditton
But deliver us from Ewell.
For thine is the Kingston
The Purley and the Crawley
For Esher and Esher
Crouch End

Best Wishes from the Team