U3A in London – Update 17 October 2022

This information was published on: October 17, 2022

Timetable for week 17 October

The full timetable, the room timetable and the Zoom timetable are available in the Office and on our website.

For the Monday Morning talk this week we welcome Natalie Turner of The Centre for Ageing Better.  Her subject will be “Are we ready for Ageing?”.

From the Open Day sub-committe

IT’S OPEN DAY NEXT TUESDAY 18th OCTOBER! (Please note that all regular courses in the Town Hall are suspended on the day).

There has been wide publicity for this event, including distribution of flyers, repeated mentions in the local press and a large banner outside the Town Hall.

Several ‘taster’ sessions given by coordinators will take place during the day, as well as introductory talks about U3A in London.  The aim is to promote ourselves and let others see what we have to offer.  Visitors will be taken to a Welcome Room where they will be introduced to U3A in London and then they will be free to sample the ‘taster’ courses as they wish.  The Office will be open to enable new members to join us.

Unless you have volunteered to help at the Open Day, please do not turn up and join the ‘taster’ classes; some of the rooms are quite small and we need to ensure that all seats are available for visitors. To help make this event a success, please let any friends or family know about the Open Day to encourage people to join us.  The event will run from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Class News – please note

On Mondays, Colette Levy’s Spanish: Post Beginners is cancelled

From Thursday October 20th, some classes will move to different rooms.  The times remain the same.

  1. From room 1.30 to room 2.26:- French, almost Beginners (Gilli Vafidis), History of London (Stephen Barry), Hypnotherapy (Adeline Kam) and the Elderly and the Law (Gillian Korgaonkor – from October 27th).
  2. Writing Creatively (Susan Woodford) and French Conversation and Contemporary Literature (Colette Levy) who at present occupy 2.26 will move to 1.30.

Unfortunately, none of these changes will show in the Handbook which has already been printed.  There will be signs on the doors to remind members where to go.  Also:

  1. Pilates (Dalia Kay). Sorry about confusion about the starting date. This class will begin on Monday 24th October at 11.45 in Room 2.21.
  2. Readings from your favourite book (Des Marshall) on Mondays at 11.30 in Room 1.30. This is a fortnightly class and the next session is on 17th
  3. The Drama group will be meeting again on Mondays from 17th October in Room 1.22.
  4. Social Anthropology on Tuesday at 10.30 (Caroline White) is now in Room 1.22
  5. The Monday afternoon duplicate bridge class is now full.  Applicants will be put on a waiting list.

From Wally Howard

All film classes take place in Room 1.22 as usual. 

Monday October 17th at 2 pm WAPPING. THE WORKERS’ STORY

The story of a strike/lockout caused by tycoon Rupert Murdoch sacking 6000 of his workers to increase profits. The film exposes the deep and enduring immorality at the heart of the News International Empire. The defeat of the workers strike led to falling wages and corporate control of the media today

Wednesday October 19th at 1130 am THE  MOST BEAUTIFUL BOY IN THE WORLD

In 1970 the Director Luchino Visconti travelled throughout Europe looking for the perfect boy to personify absolute beauty for his adaptation for the screen of Thomas Mann’s Death In Venice. In Sweden he discovered Bjorn Andersen, a 15 year-old boy who he brought to international fame. The film uncovers what happened to Bjorn after he became world famous.

Wednesday October 19th at 2pm DEATH IN VENICE

The celebrated story of a man obsessed by ideal beauty. A film by Luchino Visconti who transforms the classic Thomas Mann novel into a masterpiece of power and beauty. Earning its maker a Cannes Film Festival 25th anniversary prize and with a soundtrack feast of Gustav Mahler music, this is Visconti at his best. Starring Dirk Bogarde

Thursday October 20th at 1130am TOSCA’S KISS

Meet the inhabitants of the Casa Di Riposa the retirement home bequeathed by Verdi in1886.

The film captures a world in which these wonderful singers, many of whom had significant careers on the opera stage, re-live and re-enact their triumphant roles of the glorious past.  Winner of numerous awards

Thursday October 20th at 2 pm BENEDICTION

Benediction explores the turbulent life of First World War poet Siegfried Sassoon. Having survived the horrors of fighting in the First World War, he was decorated for his bravery.  His poetry was inspired by his experiences on The Western Front and he became one of the leading war poets of the era.  His is the story of a troubled man in a fractured world, searching for peace and acceptance.  Starring Simon Russell Beale, Peter Capaldi and Jack Lowden

Sue Johnson’s Funeral. A mistake – humble apologies!

The correct date for her funeral is Wednesday 19 October; 12 noon at St Marylebone Crematorium, East End Rd London N2 0SE.  Family flowers only; donations to Mdicins sans frontières.

From 1.00pm people can meet at The Old White Lion, 121 Great North Rd, London N2 0NW, next to East Finchley Station. There are car parks at both venues. All are welcome.

Good News from a Local Restaurant

Pizza Express in Belsize Park are giving a 10% discount to our members if you show them your lanyard as proof of membership. 

How can you help?  This could be the first of many!  Please tell your own favourite watering hole what Pizza Express are offering and ask whether they will do the same.

Gilli and I have been in touch with all local eateries and shops suggesting that if they were to offer a discount to our members (on production of their membership card) it would probably increase their custom.  It would also give our members somewhere to go between classes to socialize and eat and drink together, now that sadly, we have lost our own cafeteria.

We need new talent!

Here are a few examples of skills you may have which would be very useful and much needed:

Accounting and Bookkeeping on computer; IT and other computer experience; Contacting speakers for Monday Talks; Organising events; Using social media (such as Facebook and Twitter); Liaising with suppliers of goods and services… and more. 

Have you thought about joining the Executive Committee? We can co-opt people who are willing to help our U3A to run smoothly.  Please contact the Office if you think you can help.

From Ken Baldry

Next week’s European History talk is “Leonardo da Vinci – The Universal Genius”.  The full annual programme is on http://www.art-science.com/history-talks.html

From Caroline Chan

Note that in Franklin Method 1 there are moves to improve your daily functional movements (more than just exercises) and in Franklin Method 2 there will be warm-up and cool-down exercises, ready for the Hampstead walk.

From Steve Barry

The topic of my London Miscellany class on Thursday October 20 will be ‘Hanwell, past and present’. Please note that the fortnightly class will now take place in Room 2.26, which is a bigger room than the one previously used.

From Valerie Wilson Trower – Design History

We are visiting the William Morris Gallery on Tuesday, 18th October.

From Muriel Hirsch

Do you want to feel happier and healthier?  Then read this article in the Guardian:

Why the health benefits of laughter yoga will make you smile | Yoga | The Guardian

From Judith Michaels

Would you like to exercise to music? Then join our friendly Salsalates (Salsa plus Pilates) group on Zoom at 5.00 on Wednesday afternoons and have fun while you improve your physical health.

From Lida Alampounti

I undertake research at University College PhD London’s ‘Ear Institute’, funded by the NIHR UCLH BRC and UCL to investigate how vision helps us to listen better. I invite you to participate in my study of speech perception, which is a paid opportunity (£20 and more). This takes place at the UCL Ear Institute in London (UK) near King’s Cross station.

The minimum criteria to take part include being a native speaker of English, having a hearing status of either normal or mild / moderate hearing loss, not living with neurological/psychiatric conditions and not having language-related difficulties.


Best wishes from