U3A in London Update – 13 February 2023

This information was published on: February 13, 2023

The timetable for the week, the Town Hall room timetable and the Zoom timetable are available in the Office and on our website.

Monday Morning Talks

These are available in Room 2.21 and on Zoom.
This week we are very pleased to welcome one of our members, Robin Weiss FRS, former Professor of viral oncology at UCL. He will be talking about the Bicentenary of Louis Pasteur, the Titan of microbes and Gregor Mendel, the modest monk.

From Gilli

About Zoom: Zoom seems to have reduced its free cloud space for recordings so I have to delete the old ones to make room for the new.   From now on, recordings will only be available for 7 days from the date it is recorded. 

The Easter Conference 2020  A notice to those Members who paid for it three years ago . Please claim your refund by leaving a message for the treasurer in the U3A Office. We are not able to hold an Easter Conference this year – though we have not given up hope of running a 1 day workshop next year 2024.

From Wally Howard

Week commencing February 13th. Three films from Louis Malle – all in room 1.22.
Monday February 13th at 2pm
LACOMBE LUCIEN. One of the first French films to address the issue of collaboration during the German occupation

Wednesday February 15th at 2pm
AU REVOIR LES ENFANTS. Based on events from the director’s own childhood the film is a subtle, precisely observed tale of courage, cowardice and tragic awakening

Thursday February 16th at 2pm
THE FIRE WITHIN. Maurice Ronet in an implosive haunted performance plays a self destructive writer who resolves to kill himself and spends the next 24 hours trying to connect with a host of wayward friends


Nomination Forms for members of the Executive Committee are available in the Office. If you would like to serve on the Executive Committee, please ensure that the Nomination Form is returned to me in the office by 12 noon on Tuesday 14 February 2023. I look forward to receiving nominations.

Be aware that serving on the Executive Committee requires more than just attending meetings. It requires members to take active responsibility for some areas in the running and development of U3A in London.
Best wishes, Hazelanne Lewis, Company Secretary.

(Company Registration No. 01752272; Charity Registration No. 288434). Registered office: Old Town Hall, 213 Haverstock Hill, London NW3 4QP


From Lorna Kent

Tajii on Tuesday will not be taking place. The class resumes next week.

From David McGowan

My class, Art Practical B, will not be held on Tuesday, 14 February as I will be away – back the following week.

From Jim Taylor

Who hosts an informal chat group is going away to Australia and there will be no class on zoom until after 17th March.

From Ken Baldry

European History, Wednesdays 11.40 – 12.40, Room 2.21.  The full programme is on http://www.art-science.com/history-talks.html

From Martin Raybould

Wine group – wines of Greece – 6.30 Thursday 16th February in room 2.21. £10 per head.

From Irene Kyffin

My Theatre History classes on Tuesdays are ‘Zoom only’ for the next few weeks. I have informed members.

Invitation to participate in listening studies by the Cognitive Hearing Lab at UCL

You are being invited to participate in listening studies being conducted by the Cognitive Hearing Lab at UCL, which is led by Dr Emma Holmes. These studies aim to further our knowledge of how people understand speech in noisy places and how this varies among people, related to their age and hearing.

An Offer

A special 2 for 1 offer of a limited number of tickets for Arthur Smith’s show My First 75 Years In Comedy which will transfer to the Pleasance Theatre in Islington in March 2023, following a sold out run at the Edinburgh Fringe last August. Arthur Smith tells the story of his life on the London comedy circuit and recalls some of the triumphs, disasters, love affairs and arrests along the way. Hamlet, Colditz, Leonard Cohen, Dante, dementia, Gary Lineker and the Leith Police all feature in this moving hour of revelations, songs, poems, and gags.

From Susan van Noorden– to make you smile!

Commandments for Seniors:
You don’t need anger management. You need people to stop annoying you.
Your people skills are just fine. It’s your tolerance for idiots that needs working on.
“On time” is when you get there.
Even duct tape can’t stop what stupid people are saying – but it does muffle the sound.
“One for the road” means peeing before you leave the house. It would be wonderful if we could put ourselves in the dryer for ten minutes, then come out wrinkle-free.

Lately, you’ve noticed people of your age are so much older than you are.

Best wishes from the team

Gilli Vafidis Monday talks and Zoom Queen
And Richard.