U3A in London Update – 11 October 2021

This information was published on: October 11, 2021

Monday Morning Talk and the Full Timetable

The list of Monday morning talks and the full timetable can be seen on our website. At present, the talks are taking place with the speaker at home on Zoom. Members can tune in from their own homes as they have been doing for the last 18 months or come to Room 2.21 to participate in our new video conferencing facilities. If this room should become full it will be possible to use Rooms 1.29 and 1.22. (N.B. A few Zoom classes can be accessed by members in the Town Hall in the same way, where indicated in the timetable).

From Naomi

We are slowly getting things more organised and classes are establishing themselves again, although it is taking us longer than anticipated to be truly up and running.  Reluctantly, we have come to realise that our end of year party is going to be a major casualty.  We have decided that under the present circumstances it is impossible to recreate the atmosphere and provide the entertainment that has been one of the highlights of our year.

Next year we are hoping to celebrate once more in style.  Meanwhile plans are underway for our Easter Conference on April 26-28, as well as further celebrations next year.

Best wishes,

From Amalia

The short summary timetable shows the classes which are taking place in the Town Hall.  There is also a checklist of the Zoom classes.  You can pick up copies in the Office and they are on the website.

The newest version of the Handbook incorporates the latest changes.

Some of these latest changes are as follows:

  1. NEW CLASS Tai Chi with Ian Orkin, starts on14 October at11.40 in Room 2.21
  2. Philosophy: Life, Thought and Legacy of Spinoza on Thursdays at 15.10 (Zoom) is cancelled.
  3. Greek: Modern Conversation on Wednesday at 12.50 will be conducted only on Zoom while Rita Wolfisz is away. She returns to Room 1.28 in the Town Hall on 3 November.
  4. Advanced Spanish (Zoom) with Lucia Bird on Wednesdays has moved from 10.00 to 14.30.
  5. Social Anthropology with Caroline White will be on Zoom only on Tuesdays from 15.10 to16.10 and not available from room 1.29.
  6. Medical Humanities with Michael Baum starts again at 12.50 on Tuesday 19 October in Room 2.21 and will continue fortnightly.
  7. Medieval History Thursday at 10.30 with Margaret Jackson Roberts is cancelled.
  8. Spanish Language and Literature Thursday 10.30 with Guy Meredith is also cancelled

Fire Drill

One of our new members asked what we should do when the Fire Alarm sounds. So this is a reminder to all coordinators to go over the instructions with their class. The instructions and exit maps are in every room.

Wally Howard’s films

Wally is back!

He is having a trial run this Wednesday at 14.00 in Room 1.22 and hopes to return with a full programme next week.

From Rita Wolff

Advanced French conversation has returned. I hope to see the usual members next Tuesday at 12.50 – 13.50 in Room 1.30.

From Judith Michaels – Salsalates (Zoom)

After discussion with class members about a possible change of time, it was decided to stick to 16.45 on Wednesdays. There is no “waiting room” so it won’t matter if members join the class a little after it has begun.

From Guy Meredith

I’m terribly sorry but there seems to have been a miscommunication. I’ve emailed twice to say that I couldn’t take the class as we have moved to Spain on a permanent basis while my health doesn’t allow me to teach any longer. I really enjoyed leading the class and shall miss everyone.

I do apologise to anyone who has been inconvenienced. I don’t know what has gone wrong – I have a new email dress – perhaps that is where the problem lies.

From Pamela Royston

I think the following info might be of use to our members. 

The Belsize Priory Clinic at 208 Belsize Road, NW6 4DX is running a walk-in booster jab clinic from 0900 – 1200 every Thursday.  I just turned up with proof of my 2nd jab (which has to be over 6 months ago) and forgot my NHS number which they found (best to turn up with it).

I queued for about 20 minutes – that’s it.  I suggest people ring the clinic to check the times – I think they vary sometimes.  I only knew about this because a woman in the bus (to whom I was chatting re the U3A) told me about it!

All the best, Pamela.

From Stanley Volk

We’re back in the Town Hall and it’s a lotta fun singing together. We do warm-ups, singing in key, songs from the shows, Oklahoma etc. This week we did some Gospel singing. Come along on Wednesdays at 15.10 in Room 2.21 to chase those Covid blues away.

Masterpieces from Steve’s Wednesday Art Group

From Iona, Rosa and – Steve?

Wine Tasting

From Martin Raybould. The next wine tastings are on November 11th and December 2nd at 6.30 pm in room 2.21 as previously. There will be NO zooming.

To make you smile

Boris is dealing with the shortage of truck drivers!

From Dennis Evans

Autumn song

Now is the time of silhouettes and silences,
of clouds copying sun’s rays.
But in the falling of the leaves,
autumn turns to winter.

A time of mist,
of leaves that persist.
Then with the falling of the leaves,
Autumn turns to winter.

Trees in autumn tell me why
I’m alive!
But with the falling of the leaves,
autumn turns to winter.

The childhood taste
of blackberries picked in haste.
The smell of sun on dusty footpaths
and dung on country lanes.
With colour raining from the trees,
I still smell autumn in November.

Crow and caw, rook and crow,
autumn light before the snow.
Then, with the falling of the leaves,
autumn turns to winter.


Best Wishes from the Team