U3A in London Update – 1 November 2021

This information was published on: November 01, 2021

Monday Morning Talk and the Timetable

The list of Monday morning talks can be seen on our website. The speaker this week will be Michael Goodman and he will be in Room 2.21 and on Zoom. Members can tune in from their own home or come to Room 2.21 to see Michael in person.

The short summary timetable shows the classes which are taking place in the Town Hall. There is also a checklist of the Zoom classes. The newest versions incorporate the latest changes and you can pick up copies in the Office. They are also on the website.

The latest version of the Handbook is also on the website.

From Amalia

There are quite a few changes this week:

  1. Natural History: from Aristotle to Attenborough. Robin Weiss has moved his talks to this Autumn term (instead of next Summer).  They will be at 11.40 starting on Tuesday, 2 November.  The talks will be available on Zoom only.
  2. Intermediate Bridge with Peter Nash is moving to Room 2.21 on Thursday mornings from 10.30 – 12.40 (instead of Room 1.24 on Tuesdays).
  3. Design History with Valerie Wilson-Trower is changing its time to 14.00 and will be in Room 2.26 (instead of Room 2.21) – still on Tuesdays. 
  4. Tai Chi with Ian Orkin in Room 2.21 on Thursdays. This class is starting an hour later than last week at 12.50.
  5. Yarn – Based Workshop with Carole Nolan in Room 1.33 on Mondays is starting earlier – at 12.50.
  6. Social Anthropology Caroline White’s class is temporarily suspended from Tuesday 2 November until 11 January.
  7. Cercle Français has moved from 10.30 in Room 1.33 to 11.40 in Room 1.30. Still on Tuesdays with Michael Goodman.
  8. Greek: Modern Conversation   During last Wednesday’s Zoom session Rita announced that her return to the UK is delayed until 11th November.

Full Classes

Monday’s Duplicate Bridge at 14.00, Tuesday’s Bridge Improvers at 13.30 Wednesday’s Experiences of the Third Age at 14.30 and Alexnder technique at 10.30 on Fridays are among classes that are now full. Coordinators are keeping waiting lists of all full classes and will let people know when there is a vacancy.

From Wally Howard

I will be showing three films again in Room 1.22 this week. They are on Monday 1st November, Wednesday 3rd November and Thursday 4th November, all at 2.00pm and hope you will enjoy them. Here are the details:

Monday, 1 November at 2.00pm. A Beautiful Boy
Wednesday, 3 November at 2.00pm. System Sprenger
Thursday 4 November at 2.00pm. Clemency

Regards, Wally.

Gerta’s Quiz

You will be pleased to welcome Quiz B, the second of her new series of monthly Quizzes. 

Sad News from Morris Peckman

Hello Amalia,
I have today received an email from David Gottlieb telling me that his mother Sybil has died after a short illness at the age of 97. Sybil Gottlieb was a valued member of our poetry group. She always brought along interesting poems and read them very well. Sybil was looking forward to rejoining the poetry group in November but this was not to be.

Tom Harris: Funeral Service

Meiling Harris has told us that all the places at the Funeral and Memorial Service for Tom have now been allocated.  She was particularly anxious that nobody should arrive and be disappointed because they were not able to get in.  However, the funeral service which is at Golders Green Crematorium on Thursday, 4 November at 1:30 pm, will be available on Zoom at https://watch.obitus.com – the User Name is xexa8375 and the password is 629006.  The service will also be recorded and available for replay from around Thursday 11th November until Tuesday 14th December using the same login information.  Unfortunately there are no facilities at Lauderdale House for the memorial service to be streamed or recorded.

Each of us whose path crossed with Tom’s, especially those who watched his wonderful talks, will surely treasure fond memories of him and be thankful for his unique contribution.

The family asks you not to send flowers – Tom expressed a preference for donations to be sent to U3A in London as we meant a great deal to him over the last few years

Ruth Scott

Ruth’s funeral/cremation will be on Monday 15 November at 3.30pm at Golders Green Crematorium, East Chapel. There will be a reminder nearer the time.

From Muriel Hirsch (Petit point culture partagé – avec “click”)

Un immense merci à Bruno, Gillian et Soraya qui se sont investi(e)s dans ce Premier Petit Point de Culture Partagé et grâce à qui vous allez découvrir deux nouvelles recettes et une œuvre musicale qui risque de vous étonner, alors encore merci à lui et à elles de nous offrir ce petit cadeau. Cette fois-ci, promis vous pourrez le lire.

Ne soyez pas timide, venez nous rejoindre, cela vous donnera l’occasion de pratiquer votre expression orale et écrite en français et d’apporter un peu de bonheur (je l’espère) à d’autres.

New German classes?

We have only one German class and it is popular but overcrowded. Also, the ability of the members is so varied that it can present a problem for James, the coordinator.  Are you willing to start a class for beginners?   There are probably enough members who would enjoy an advanced class too.  The office would be willing to pay for a suitable textbook.

The Cafeteria – anyone for a cuppa?

Jo is staying open as an experiment until 5.00 on Mondays for tea, and of course, cake.  Talk to her about the possibility of staying open on other days too.  She has asked me to remind everyone that she can provide takeaway meals (useful for anyone living locally) and is happy to do any outside catering.

Design History

This is a picture of the Design History group at the end of a recent tour of an Art Nouveau house in north London.

From Pam Malpas

Our chat group meets every 3 or 4 weeks on a Friday in person.  On 5th November we’ll get together at 11am at a cafe in West Hampstead. We had hoped to meet at the U3A cafeteria but it is closed on Fridays. There aren’t many of us and we would welcome other members. If anyone is interested, I would let them have details of the venue. My hope is that we could change the day we meet and transfer our custom to the U3A cafe.

Masterpieces from the Thursday Art class

From Maureen, Rosa, Sheila and Avril


Best Wishes from the Team