U3A in London Interim Update

This information was published on: August 21, 2023

We said we may be getting in touch with all of you from time to time if there were things that you should be aware of (so see below).

Hazelanne Lewis Resigns

We are sorry to let you know that Hazelanne Lewis has resigned as Chair of U3A in London for health reasons.

Hazelanne has put in a huge amount of personal effort to her role as chair and before that as Company Secretary. We should all thank her, and hope that respite from U3A duties will help her cope with medical problems.

Richard Arthur, previously vice chair, has taken over as chair and Gill Korgaonkar has become vice chair.

The Summer break Programme.

All the talks are available both in the Town Hall in Room 2.21 and also on Zoom. 

Art talks by Colin Lomas.  Colin is talking about ‘Gothic’ art on 21 August at 11.30 from France on Zoom, and about ‘The Islamic Golden Age’ from the Town Hall room 2.21 on 31 August at 4pm. If you would like a copy of his lecture notes in advance, please email the Office. 

The 2023-24 Yellow Handbook

This is available to be picked up from the Office and we have posted copies to those of you who are not on email.  However, quite a few members have pointed out that although they have an email address, they never or rarely come to the Town Hall for various reasons.  If this is your situation, we have no way of knowing who you are – so it is up to you.  If you would like us to post a copy of the Handbook to you, please get in touch with the Office and we would be pleased to help.

From Richard Arthur

Reports on a meeting with WAC Arts:
1) Fire Safety. (a) Naomi Stuart will liaise with Piotr Wijas about a fire safety seminar for Co-ordinators, probably in late September and revised in the light of feedback from the initial seminar.  (b) WAC have arranged an unscheduled review of their fire risk assessment in August to deal with U3A concerns about the lack of double access to some rooms.
2) Property Defects. WAC Arts have a new IT system for logging and progressing action re property defects. I inserted complaints received from U3A members (window handle and sun blind in Room 1.21 and non functioning unisex toilet). In future the U3A liaison person with WAC (at presently me) will be able to log defects electronically without waiting for a meeting. So if we have any complaints about the state of facilities please let me know.
3) Drinking Water. WAC Arts will ask the contractor who installed the drinking water to look at the feasibility and cost of extending it to U3A. This will not happen before September because of work pressures.
4) Garden. WAC will be conducting a refurbishment project over the summer including clearing and improving the garden area.
5) Cafeteria. WAC Arts are having preliminary discussion about restoring catering facilities. They warned that this would not happen before summer 2024, would have to be self financing, and could involve opening to the general public. In addition this is still at a very early stage and feasibility is yet to be proved. So we should not get too excited but it is a step forward.

Membership renewal for the next academic year (starting 18 September 2023)

The membership fee (including that of coordinators) for 2023-4 is £45 and £10 for those who receive any kind of income support or special allowance. We have kept the fee as low as possible in view of the difficult financial situation.  You may send your fee direct to our bank (details are available from the Office) or if you wish to renew by post and would like a receipt, please enclose a self-addressed envelope for us to post it to you.  A reminder – once you have paid your fee, you may attend any class you wish.  Please note we are not able to take reservations for any particular class, operating on a “first come” basis and very rarely do we ever tell anyone that a class is full as we start with a “clean sheet” each September.  However, should it happen, the person running the class will put your name on a waiting list and let you know when there is a vacancy as the class settles down.  You may have a “taster session” of any class free of charge.

From Susan Kwok

Afternoon Tea at the Summer Programme

This year’s Summer Programme will include two afternoon sessions at the Town Hall, on Wednesday 16th & Wednesday 23rd August, when we shall be offering Afternoon Tea. If you plan to attend either of these sessions. could you please email the Office in order to give us an idea of numbers for the catering.

Best wishes from the team,

Gilli Vafidis Monday talks and Zoom Queen
and Amalia